7 Essential Accessories For Winter Watersport Lovers

Your favorite watersport activities need not end once the colder months appear and, for many, winter is the most exciting season. The cooler and freezing weather changes the landscape, making waters even more beautiful and freeing them from the summer crowds. Promising you’re prepared and willing to jump into an entirely new adventure, one that isn’t deterred by the chill but invigorated by it, then winter watersports might be for you.

Whether you’re experiencing it for the first time or are a seasoned winter watersport lover, there are a handful of essential accessories that will underpin your adventure. Without them, the low temperatures will be a potential harsh hurdle but, with them, the cold will simply become part of the experience.

Insulated Flask 

When your body is exposed to low temperatures, especially cold waters, it seeks to protect vital, internal organs. This is why hands and feet are typically the first to notice a chill as blood is redirected. By taking an insulated flask on your adventure, one that can supply you with a hot drink, you’ll be able to keep your body warm from within.


To further support your hands as they are plunged into cold water, whether for a swim or to grip your board and paddle, neoprene gloves are essential. They keep your hands dry and warm, minimizing extreme chill, while also offering their own grip, preventing you from losing control.

Base Layer

If you’re a wild swimmer, it is important to keep warm before and after swimming. Equipping yourself with an extra base layer, one that can be worn beneath your wetsuit, you’ll be able to keep your body temperature up before your take the plunge, helping you to warm up faster as you leave the water too. 

Tow Float 

Warmth isn’t the only risk that faces winter watersports and the quieter landscapes, grey weather, and potentially rougher waters mean that visibility can be an issue too. A hi-vis tow float is essential for those venturing on or into the water during winter.

Changing Robe 

Once your activity has concluded, getting dry and warm becomes a priority. This involves removing your wet clothes and wrapping up, which is why a changing robe is essential. Not only are they spacious enough to ensure your modesty but they are designed to remove moisture from your body and raise your temperature as quickly as possible.

Wet Boots

Wet boots, or swim socks, are just as important as gloves, especially for board-based activities. This is because you will be relying upon your feet for grip and balance, hence maintaining good circulation and preventing cramping is a must. They are also a worthy investment for year-round watersport activities as they also prevent cuts and bruises, among other benefits. 


Whether a swim cap or a simple wool hat is more appropriate for your activity is entirely down to preference. Promising your choice keeps your head warm and, most importantly, visible with bright colors, then it is an excellent choice.


By Kason Sage