A Guide to Saint-Tropez & Grimaud

Saint-Tropez has long been the premier resort area in the south, drawing both French residents and visitors in search of the ultimate vacation. The beaches in Ramatuelle are immaculate with turquoise blue water, smooth sand, and trendy beach clubs. The picture-perfect streets are dotted with the best locations to purchase designer labels, eat indulgent meals, and drink the best rosé wine. Not to mention, the hotels are luxurious and provide breathtaking views of the bay! Saint-Tropez is calling your name if you want to spoil yourself and visit the top French Riviera location. To help you organize the ideal trip, I’ve compiled all the greatest travel advice and Saint-Tropez locations in one book.

How to get there

Unfortunately, there is neither a train station nor an international airport in Saint-Tropez because it is a small seaside town. The closest airports, if you’re flying in from abroad, are:

  • Toulon-Hyères, 50 minutes drive and services regional flights
  • Nice, 1h30 minutes drive and services international flights

Once at Saint-Tropez, it’s easy to travel around on foot or by renting a bike because most places are within walking distance. Renting a Vespa is another way to visit different cities, but beware: the roads can be winding!

What to do

Saint-Tropez offers a wide variety of activities. Although it’s a little town, there isn’t much you can’t discover here thanks to its cosmopolitan environment! Saint-Tropez will keep you entertained with its excellent dining, exciting nightlife, stunning beaches, and charming old town.

Explore the old town

After your journey, arrive at Saint Tropez, settle into your hotel, and relax! Spend some time unwinding and the afternoon exploring the old town’s streets. The region of the former fishing hamlet near the port and the citadel is referred to as “La Ponche,” which is the name of the old town. Because of its modest beginnings, Saint-Tropez has retained much of its beauty. Incredibly, it has become a popular luxury travel destination on a global scale!

Watch the Sunset

There is a tiny pier next to the marina with substantial rocks where you may pitch a tent, have a bottle of wine, and watch the sun set behind the Riviera’s undulating hills. To catch the final rays of sunlight throughout the summer, head to Le Tigrr or Les Toits Saint-outdoor Tropez’s bars with the best sunset views.

Another amazing place to watch the sunset just outside of St-Tropez is Pampelonne beach. It offers some of the best views of the sun setting with mega yachts anchored in the foreground. Pampelonne also provides some of the most excellent villas for rent in the area just behind pampelonne and the surrounding area.

Day trip to Port Grimaud

With Saint-Tropez as your home base, a day trip is a simple way to visit the neighbouring towns if you’re seeking a little adventure. The wonderfully charming village of Grimaud, which has ties to the Grimaldi family (hint: the prince of Monaco), is my favourite crowd favourite. The distance between this community and St-Tropez’s is about 10 minutes by car.

This town is known as a Ville Fleurie, or a floral town, and it is filled with flowers. Grimaud is a tiny town, but its bright lanes are adorned with blooming flowers! The entire town can be covered on foot in about an hour, with a possible pit stop for coffee or a snack.

Small canals abound in Port Grimaud, which you can explore on foot or by taxi boat. There are also a few adorable cafes where you may have lunch, like Lily’s, Via Marine, and Restaurant La Marée.

By Kason Sage