4 Marine Species That you Can Observe in NSW Waters

The eastern coast of Australia is teeming with marine life, with warm waters that are rich in nutrients and attract many marine species. If you are a sea lover and are planning a short stay in Sydney, or anywhere in NSW, you’ll be delighted to learn about the diverse range of marine life that inhabit this stretch of ocean.

  1. Humpback Whale – Back in the 1970s, the whale was on the verge of extinction, due to centuries of commercial whaling and the recovery of the Humpback is nothing short of miraculous. The numbers are so good that the species is no longer on the endangered species list and these majestic creatures follow an annual migratory route that takes them past the Sapphire Coast and past Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as they head for the warm waters off Queensland. The season starts in May and runs through until the last week of November and during that time, the whales complete the round journey and end up back at their Antarctic feeding grounds.
  2. Australian Fur Seals – There is a huge colony of inquisitive Australian Fur Seals at Montague Island on the Sapphire Coast, while you can go seal swimming in Narooma, which is an amazing experience and one we definitely recommend. You will have experienced guides with you in the water and you must follow their instructions regarding ethical seal contact, which is very important. Bring your own snorkel gear or the operator can provide with a mask, snorkel and flippers and if you have an underwater camera, this is a great place to take some stills and footage while swimming with seals.
  3. Penguins – These cute and flightless birds can be found from Sydney to Narooma, especially during the winter months, with the largest Little Penguin colony situated near Narooma and Montague Island. A visit to the Marine Reserve on the island is definitely something to include in your schedule, where you can view the colony from a boat or one of the observation platforms.
  4. Bottle Nose Dolphin – The most playful of all the dolphin species, a fully grown Bottle-Nose Dolphin weighs in a hefty 300+kg and is longer than a man, reaching almost 4m in length. Typical colours and light and dark grey; they can be very playful and are known to be intelligent, displaying a range of surface behaviours.

The best way to see and experience these species is from a boat and you can book a berth online and prepare for an amazing marine experience.

By Kason Sage