4 Pros Of Staying At An RV Park

When you are on the road, it cannot be easy to find a place to stay. You have two options: campgrounds or RV parks and resorts. Campgrounds offer free camping, but at what cost?

This blog post will explore the advantages of staying in an RV park or resort versus a campground.

Benefit #1: The first one is affordability. Campgrounds are free, but they also have a reputation for being overpriced and “not worth it.” RV parks and resorts offer the most affordable place to stay on the road. In some cases, you can even get hookups with your water source! 

Benefit #2: The second benefit is convenience. An RV park is usually the closest option if you want amenities like hot showers or Sani dump stations. And many of them provide amenities such as laundry facilities which make life much easier while traveling in an RV.

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Benefit #3: Thirdly, there’s less stress involved when staying at an official location versus camping out in nature where anything could happen (like bears). Some campgrounds don’t allow fires because they could attract wildlife, so cooking becomes more difficult.

Benefit #4: Additionally, there are fewer restrictions when staying at a resort. For example, you don’t need to worry about taking out the trash or making sure you aren’t too loud because alternatives usually allow hard-partying and fun!

This is especially important for those who drive RVs as they can make lots of noise while going and often, campgrounds do not like it if your RV makes much noise (in which case you could be kicked out).

Worried About Safety?

The next benefit is security. If someone were to break into your campsite, there would be evidence everywhere that you didn’t clean up after yourself.

Still, everything becomes easier with an RV park or resort as all the sites look similar, so nobody knows where exactly you’re parked. When camping in a tent outside, this isn’t an issue, but it makes a huge difference with an RV. 

Want To Relax?

The next benefit is the view you get. Imagine waking up in nature and just chilling out on your private porch!

This experience cannot be recreated by camping outside because there aren’t any other campers around to interfere; plus, all sites are usually located next to each other so people can still party if they want (which could make things more fun!)


In conclusion, there are many benefits to staying in an RV park or resort when you’re on the road.

It offers affordable rates, convenience with amenities like laundry and Sani dump stations, less stress because all sites look the same, so nobody knows where you’re parked (security), a great view of nature (picture), and fewer restrictions (fun).

By Kason Sage