5 Most Interesting Things to Do in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is no tiny, sleepy town of India. The joint capital of Punjab and Haryana is one of the most well-structured and well-maintained urban delights. The sectors are packed with enchanting boulevards, maze-like arches, grand buildings, scenic parks and pristine lakes. It’s proximity to Delhi is another added advantage.

Book your Delhi to Chandigarh flight with the top airline to enjoy the mysticism and the combined culture of 2 states. It has something for everyone; be it a photo buff or a nature lover, each one is likely to have a great time. Once you land in the city, here are a few activities to participate in to make the most of your trip.

1.    Visit Sukhna Lake

This is great spot for both children and adolescents. The lake is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The mesmerizing scenery makes it ideal for solitude lovers. After deboarding your New Delhi to Chandigarh flight, take a luxurious cruise ride to check out the views of the city. Additionally, you can see a number of migratory birds and species of fishes here. You can also simply drop by to take a peaceful stroll or enjoy the fresh air which might not always be possible in NCR.

2.    Rock Garden

Before taking your Chandigarh to Delhi flights back home, do visit Rock Garden once. The sprawling park is packed with over 2,000 sculptures made from debris and rubble. The embellishments are made from tiles, broken bangles and terracotta pots. Further, you can also chill near the waterfalls, amphitheatres, passageways and staircases which make it a prime attraction of the city.

3.    Open Hand Monument

This is one of the most unique spots of the city. The 26 meter high structure represents, “the hand to give and the hand to take; peace and prosperity, and the unity of mankind” This architectural wonder was created by Le Corbusier and is located in Capitol Complex, Sector 1.

4.    Shopping at Sector 17

While Delhi is replete with street markets, Chandigarh too has a great blend of boutiques and stores. Shopaholics can head over to Sector 17 which is the main business area. You can take your pick from high-quality electronic merchandise, shoes, clothes, jewelry and branded products. Leave some space in the luggage in your flights from Delhi to Chandigarh to carry back all the items safely.

5.    Indian Coffee House

Delhiites might have already visited this cafe in CP. However, make sure to head over to the 40-year old local Chandigarh branch to relish a platter of breakfast or lunch. Items like egg, roast, channel espresso and South Indian and Punjabi dishes are reasonably priced. The early morning hours are ideal since it remains jam-packed otherwise. Make sure to pay a visit before heading back in your Chandigarh to Delhi flights.

Tourists can also take a bicycle tour, pick souvenirs from The Tiny Shop, soak in culture and drama at Tagore Theatre and have a fun-filled day at Fun City. Rest assured, there will be not one moment of boredom here.

By Kason Sage