The Best Locations to Go Whale Watching

Nature is an incredible force, and one of the most impressive feats of nature? Our oceans. From sleek manta rays to fearsome great white sharks, there are so many wonders of the ocean we haven’t even yet explored.

A great ocean activity that is fun on your own or with family is whale watching. Normally, whale watching tours are easily booked and can be a whole day of fun, relaxing on a boat while hoping for a glimpse of a few majestic creatures. Below are some of the best spots for whale watching enthusiasts around the world.

Sydney, Australia

The bustling harbor of Sydney is one of the top places to go whale watching. As they search for warmer water from May to November, thousands of whales trek past Sydney on their way to Queensland. For any type of whale watching, Sydney is a great choice. Not only will you see many whales off the shores, but the city itself boasts the beautiful Sydney Opera House and the arched Harbour Bridge, as well as many excellent shops and restaurants.

California, USA

From north to south, there are places dotted along the coast that are all great for whale watching. Newport is a popular choice in Southern California because you can visit year-round, dependent on which type of whale you want to see.

  • For blue whales, humpback whales, sea lions, or dolphins, the best time to visit is between the months of January through April.
  • Blue whales, a popular favourite in California, and finback whales, can be seen usually between the months of May to September.
  • For minke whales, October through December is best to see these beauties.

A short drive away from Newport is the gorgeous city of San Diego, with plenty more activities for the sea-loving type.


Vancouver Island and Quebec are the top two locations to see in Canada. People flock to Vancouver Island from May to September to visit the famous orcas. From June to September, Quebec has a variety of blue whales, humpback whales, and the lovely white beluga whales. Canada also offers stunning views of all wildlife and nature, from crystal clear blue lakes to vast snow-capped mountains.

Whale watching is a great activity when visiting a new area. Be sure to try it out on your next adventure.

By Kason Sage