7 Adventure Actions to Do in Lombok

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If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for a destination that includes world-class hiking with no audiences, Lombok, Indonesia, is the place. If you’re looking for a chilled outside wander through the jungle, or you also would like to receive your blood pumping onto a multi-day conclusion, here is what Lombok actions have to provide:

  1. Hike Mount Rinjani

Among the island’s many famous beaches, Mount Rinjani is the active volcano in Northern Lombok. This hike isn’t for the faint of heart; it is super hard. Rinjani climbs to 3726 meters and will be the 2nd most important volcano in Indonesia. This increase is likely to check your physical and mental strength, but if you’re able to get to the top of the views, everything is worthwhile.

It is possible to even take it at your own pace, with distinct Mount Rinjani tours carrying two, three, or even four times based upon your skill level and how long you can allot. Two days one night is suggested for specialist amount walkers who only have a brief window of time. Three days/2 nights is a frequent selection and enables you time to take on your environment and revel in a glimpse in Crater Lake. Finally, the four-day/three-nighttime excursion is for the ones that are looking to bring it in at a slower rate and revel in the beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park.

If planning your Mount Rinjani hike, a perfect point to understand is the volcano is shut each year from January to the end of March due to the rainy season. Therefore, if you would like to climb it, you”d strategy about that. Even inside the trekking season, it is always fantastic to reach out to trekking organizations to inspect the present status.

  1. Mount Rinjani Crater Rim Hike

If you’d like a flavor of Rinjani without needing to devote to the complete experience, it is possible to try out the Crater Rim increase. This trek is suitable for novices and great if you are short on time since it’s just two days one night! With this increase, you will have the ability to enjoy sunrise and sunset in the lovely Crater Lake. However, the same as trekking Mount Rinjani excursions, this will probably be shut during the rainy season, which means you need to consult your organization before booking.

  1. Senaru Walking Movies

If you are tired after handling the mammoth increase of Mount Rinjani or are only searching for something a bit slower-paced, we recommend a walking excursion. So we’d like our Senaru excursion with Rinjani Dawn Adventures. This is a half-day walking trip using their amazing guide Lasa. We began at the city of Senaru, then walked a road through the gorgeous green jungle into a coffee farm.

On the farm, there’s a gorgeous screening platform that overlooks the surrounding mountains. From this perspective, you’ll be able to grab a glimpse of this local Tiu Kelep waterfall. Our walking trip included a stop in our guide’s home and backyard, where he provided us a cup of Lombok java and avocados new out of his tree. Finally, we visited a neighborhood rice field that was vivid green as much as we could see.

  1. Hike Pergasingan Hill

Another alternative to Mount Rinjani (or an improvement if you are an avid hiker!), Pergasingan Hill, is situated in southern Lombok. Pergasingan may be carried out in only a couple of hours, but it is suggested to immediately go up at the late day and camp on the mountain. You will wake until the sun rises, along with a great view of Mount Rinjani.

  1. Waterfalls at Lombok

If you plan a meeting in Lombok, you need to pay a stop by a number of these island’s shores. Not only are they magnificent, but they are often totally crowd-less. Would you imagine, with these lovely Lombok waterfalls for your own? You’ll find waterfalls at Lombok:

  • Benang Stokel
  • Benang Kelambu
  • Tiu Pupus
  • Gangga Waterfall
  1. Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint

If you are researching the northwest of Lombok and going south, the Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint is the favorite stop on your way down. This view overlooks a rice area that resembles a geometric pattern of colors of green from over. It is well worth coming early to avoid the heat. Come for sunrise in case you don’t mind getting up early.

  1. Pusuk Pass Monkey Forest

This is much more of a driveway than the sight in itself. If you are heading out of Benang Kelambu into Kuta (or vice versa), you will probably drive via the Pusuk Pass Monkey Forest. As you push the street using this dense jungle, you’ll begin to see monkeys hanging out to the surfaces of the street. They frequently make eye contact and turn their minds to keep in contact as you push away.

The monkeys are crazy, but they are accustomed to vacationers. You’re able to pull into a car park in which passengers will offer you peanuts to feed into the reptiles, which can be far much better than ordinary human foods, but we don’t condone feeding wild creatures. This was not unkind, but we did not feel like that was a sustainable action.

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By Kason Sage