Exploring San Miguel: One of The Favorite Cities for Tourism in All of Mexico

Post Covid-19 restrictions and bans that were imposed during such pandemic crises, people are now again looking forward to getting back to their respective routine of traveling. Now of course they don’t want to miss out on the best of the places before another pandemic alert comes. Hence, some of the countries are also reducing the heavily imposed regulations to welcome more travelers. Indeed, this is a great initiative but when it comes to exploring a worthwhile place then nothing can beat the San Miguel Mexico vacations. Not many people are aware but it is one of the best places to explore especially those who love to know the history and have desired to capture the photogenic architecture

The popularity of San Miguel

The beauty of San Miguel remains untouched which is one of the primary reasons that make it more in demand in today’s time. This city played a crucial role in the 16th century since it was then founded by a Franciscan monk and was in the news because of the struggle Mexicans had for independence. Even if it was forgotten by many people in the early 20th century, it is still considered to be the epic one especially for Mexican artists.

Being a part of the festivals

As a part of San Miguel Mexico vacations, the festivals should not be missed out. It is one of the reasons that makes this town a picturesque one round the year. The city is always packed with some of the best wild soundtracks, Mozart playing in a Theatre called Angela Peralta which are worth being a part of. While enjoying the festival, the collection of wine is worth tasting too. Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe wine is one of the popular ones to not miss out on.

Best Time to Visit

Those who wish to explore this lovely city must visit during the eternal spring. Winter is quite the longest season but may have clear days and nights that may turn chilly often. Summer is more like a rainy season but has mild temperatures and green hills to enjoy. Fall is the season of fiesta where tourists often come. Besides, fireworks and parades can be witnessed during this season.

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel

This is not a miss-outplace. It is best to visit during the daytime but when the lights are up at night, those are some of the best ones too. The beauty within is really something worth watching. While walking outside, the beautiful square and park which is all filled up with mariachis simply look wonderful.

San Miguel Arcangel’ Parish

This iconic structure would remind of the blush-colored beacon rising and is said to be the central point of the whole city. It is perfect at the topic of the city and is one fine example of the marvelous architecture which is quite rare to see in the whole world. The church base seems to have been founded in the late 17th century however the credit to Zeferino Gutierrez equally goes since this local Stoneman designed the tapered pinnacles. One of the notable images to be seen within the chuck is of Cristo de la Conquista. It sits close to the main altar

Cañada de la Virge

This place was opened for a public visit in recent times only. It is one of the best archaeological secrets that can be seen in Mexico. The pre-Hispanic city had the original residents whose whereabouts are still not known. But it is believed that original residents had occupied the city between AD 540 to 1050.

Food tour:

When in a colorful city like San Miguel de Allende Mexico vacations, authentic food is something to be not missed out on. During the tour, there is some local regional fare where tourists can plan a visit to explore all kinds of dishes be it the national dish of Mexico or the Jicama shrimp which is the popular one.


The reason San Miguel Mexico vacations have gained more popularity is the beauty of the art scenes it offers. There is so much literary reading, countless workshops of photography, and even film festivals and art exhibits that one may not want to avoid. Besides, the live music and performances are at their best. So those who are planning for San Miguel Mexico vacations certainly should have all these activities added to their itinerary for a successful trip.

By Kason Sage