Tips to Stay Healthy When Touring Nagoya in Winter

Are you planning to tour Nagoya this winter? There are various reasons to vacation in the enchanting city. Nagoya is a bustling economic powerhouse and is a perfect vacation spot in central Japan. Thousands of tourists flock to the city each year, and the reasons are apparent. From weekend trips to visiting the Shino shrines, the list is endless. Nevertheless, it’s critical to stay healthy when vacationing, and the chilly weather shouldn’t deter you.

 What makes a Nagoya unique travel destination?

A city popping with life! There’s no better definition of Nagoya than this. However, Nagoya is not just about commerce and industrial manufacturing. There’ more to the city than meets the eye. There are different tourist attractions in the city and a host of activities to enjoy.

When we talk of accommodation, Nagoya boasts of charming and modern hotels for all budgets.  What about the flights? You can reserve one-way or return flights to Nagoya, thanks to Cathay Pacific. For a more comfortable trip, time your flights rightly, and make early bookings to avoid inconveniences.

What are the pleasant activities to do in Nagoya?

Nagoya is a popular travel spot that welcomes tourists from all parts of the world. It’s renowned for its artistic buildings and fun winter activities. Winter in Nagoya starts from December to March, and there are various pursuits to consider;

  • Go for an iceless skate in Oasis. 

Nagoya doesn’t snow in winter, and if it does, it melts very fast. From November to March, you’ll get an iceless skate sink set up at the Oasis 21. This is the spot to head to; it excites both locals and visitors alike. If traveling with family, don’t leave the kids behind,

Oasis 21 is a great place to savor the cold weather without getting wet. 

  • Ski at the Takasau snow park

If you’re a skiing enthusiast, don’t forget your skiing equipment. The Takasau snow park will help you make the most out of your winter vacation. It’s located on one side of Mount Dainichi and shares the ski pass with Dynaland. You can ski at the two resorts and learn more about skiing and snowboarding.

  • Experience the winter illuminations

You can’t leave Nagoya without going for winter illuminations in the city. These happen in both small and big events across the city. But the Nabana no Sato winter illumination is worth mentioning. It’s a popular event in Japan that gives you a reason to visit Japan at night. It features about 8 million LED lights that ignite up all the installations in the vast area.

How can you maintain optimal health when traveling in winter?

Winter is that stressful time when travel is the last thing on many people’s minds. However, any avid traveler will tell you that it comes with lots of fun! There are various things that you can do in winter to stay healthy. Besides, cold and flu can take a toll on you if you neglect your health. Here are tips to guide you;

  1. Get the right shots

 Some of the vaccinations recommended by WHO for all travelers touring Japan are; Hepatitis A &B, rabies, measles, mumps, chickenpox, pneumonia, and more. Get the shots early enough, for this strengthens your immunity against the diseases before your travel date.

  1. Check what you eat

It’s not easy to maintain healthy eating habits when traveling. In most cases, your options include fast foods. Nevertheless, if you don’t check your diet, you may not get the necessary nourishment. First of all, don’t skip meals; all are important for both travelers and non-travelers.

Once you reach your destination, balance your servings, and ensure that your food comprises proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and lots of fruits and vegetables. If you can’t get all this in the restaurants, cook in the hotel room, and enjoy a healthier you.

  1. Hydrate!

Staying hydrated is the last thing that you think of in winter. But, it’s advisable to drink enough water even when you don’t feel thirsty. Water flushes out toxins from your body, and some you may get exposed to when traveling. What’s more? Water boosts your immune system and helps in temperature regulation.

  1. Don’t forget your vitamins.

There are different supplements that you can incorporate into your daily regimen. For instance, if you don’t get lots of fruits and vegetables, vitamin C supplements will come in handy. They will boost your immunity and keep infections at bay. Vitamin D supplements will also help strengthen your immune system and maintain the right blood levels. And this is particularly true in winter when you don’t expect to get enough sunlight.

  1. 5. Exercise& Stay active

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. Besides, you may not feel comfortable doing full-body workouts in a gym away from home. But still, there are various activities that you can do to say fit. These are, for example. Walking, jogging, skipping a rope, and more. Why is exercise important for travelers? You’re likely to snack a lot while traveling. And exercising will help metabolize the excess calories.

  1. Keep off those germs!

Traveling exposes you to germs from the airports, restaurants to the washrooms. Wash your hands with soap and water, or do yourself a favor by carrying a pack of wipes or a hand sanitizer. If traveling with family, pack enough for all your loved ones, including the kids. You won’t realize the number of germs you come into contact with during your trip.

  1. Sleep adequately

Traveling can negatively impact your sleep schedule, especially when touring with loved ones. Sleep is associated with multiple health benefits and is essential during travel. Track your sleep habits and rest at least six to eight hours a day. With all the stimulating activities and attractions in Nagoya, it can be tempting to stay awake all night. But don’t fall into the temptation. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect your health and your entire trip.

A quick wrap up

Nagoya is a beautiful city and an excellent vacation spot in winter. Although there are various enjoyable activities to do in the city, your health is of utmost importance. You can only savor the moments when healthy. Eat healthily, stay active, and keep in touch with your doctor. They will offer expert tips on how to stay in optimal health while on vacation.

By Kason Sage