Traveling As an Adult to Miami: Top Tips For Your Trip!

Miami is known for its amazing Downtown beaches, awesome party places, and shopping options. If you have just turned 18 and want to travel to Miami with your friends, it is best to start planning in advance. In this post, we are sharing a few tips that will help you make the most of your money and time.

  • Book hotels first. Many hotels in Miami only accept bookings from adults over 21 years of age. Now that could be a problem once you have arrived. Your best bet is to check for websites that have listings for 18+ check-in hotels in Miami. You don’t have to depend on cheap hostels on arrival, which could be quite a bad experience at times.
  • Enjoy your cocktails at Bayside. People often believe that Bayside is a touristy place, which is true, but in your early years, you cannot miss the vibe of this place. Hang out at one of the bars, grab a cocktail, and simply mingle with the locals – you will not regret the experience.
  • Come for the Ultra Music Festival. The Ultra Music Festival happens every year in March, and it is every EDM fan’s ultimate dream. You may have to book your tickets and hotels much in advance to enjoy the three-day extravaganza at Bayfront Park, but you get to meet a lot of likeminded youngsters.
  • Head to the Design District. If you are someone who likes to take pictures for Instagram, you have to make time for the Design District, which is also famed for its top labels and designer shops. If you have the budget, you can splurge, but for students, this is a great place for window shopping.
  • Don’t miss the Miami Beach. This one is a no-brainer. You have to be here to know what Miami fun is about, especially later in the day. There are many water sports worth trying, including surfing and parasailing. Save some money because there would be much more to explore.
  • Visit Little Havana. If you want to experience the best of Cuban culture in Florida, you have to come to Little Havana. There is so much vibe at every corner and street that most young adults are left in awe.
  • Do make time for Jungle Island. If you want to explore wildlife, explore Jungle Island, which is very close to Downtown Miami and is located on Watson Island. For some shopping, you could head to Bayside Marketplace, which also has some great restaurants.

Miami for young adults under 25 is all about fun, and if you plan things right, you will find a lot more time to explore and capture from this iconic city. There is nothing like enjoying with your pals or partying the night out. There is no dearth of amazing clubs and bars in the city, and each one is known for a specific thing. Just go ahead and have fun. Don’t forget to check some of the popular museums too, which are also famed among tourists and youngsters.

By Kason Sage